Terms & Privacy Policy

The following is the terms of the agreement between the Internet shop “Home-Peel” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and the purchaser (hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer”) for the purchase of goods or services via the Internet Company Website (the “Site”). If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to purchase our products and services, so please read these conditions carefully before making purchases:

1. Introduction.
The Buyer agrees with all the conditions stipulated in this Agreement of the Parties (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), regarding goods, services and information provided through the Site. This Agreement constitutes an agreement between the Company and the Buyer, supersedes any prior or other agreements, contracts and guarantees, and stipulates everything related to goods, services and information provided through the Site. The Buyer undertakes to review this Agreement before purchasing goods or services on the Site. The fact of registration and placing an order on the website of the online store www.home-peel.com testifies to the unconditional acceptance of these conditions. The buyer undertakes to provide accurate and accurate information about himself, including his contact details. As a result of registration, the Buyer receives a login and password, for the safety and security of which is fully responsible. The buyer is also responsible for all actions performed under his login and password on the Site, as well as for losses that may arise in the event of unauthorized use of his login and password. In case of loss of registration data, the Buyer shall immediately notify the Company within 24 hours. The Company does not bear any responsibility in case of unauthorized use by the Buyer of their personal data, including password and login.

2. Personal information of the Buyer.
The buyer, accepting and agreeing to these terms and conditions, agrees to the processing by the Company of any personal data of the Buyer that became known in connection with the acquisition of goods and services through the Site, including but not limited to: identification and passport data, identification code, email address, payment requisites. Processing includes, but is not limited to: collecting, recording, accumulating, storing, adapting, modifying, updating, using and distributing (including transfer) in cases stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine, depersonalization, destruction of personal data. The purposes of processing of the personal data of the Buyers is their informing about the marketing policy of the Company, proper documentation of the contractual relations, etc. The buyer agrees that the processing time of his personal data is the entire period of contractual relations with the Company.

3. Payment and delivery of goods.
Payment for goods and services is accepted from the Buyer through payment to the Company’s courier, transport company, credit card on the website of the online store or through the Company’s current account. The buyer must pay the cost of purchasing goods and services, as well as the cost of delivering goods in the amount presented at the time of payment, including all necessary taxes and / or the cost of transportation company services. The maximum amount of one contract concluded between the Buyer and the Company may not exceed the amount equivalent to $ 10,000 (ten thousand dollars) of the USA.

4. Copyright.
The content of the Site is protected by copyright, including the attached trademarks, texts of articles and other (including, but not limited to intellectual property). Organization, collection, compilation, magnetic transfer, digital conversion and other activities related to the use of materials, as well as the copying, redistribution, use or publication by the Buyer of the full content or any part of the Site is prohibited. In the event of violation by the Buyer of the conditions specified in this clause, the Buyer is solely responsible for all possible negative consequences of such violation, including independently examining and resolving any claims from the owners of intellectual property rights. If any penalties are applied to the Company by any third parties (including supervisory authorities) in connection with a violation of the conditions set forth in this clause by the Buyer, the Buyer undertakes to pay such penalties independently, without involving the Company, in full.

5. Editing, deleting and modifying.
The company reserves the exclusive right to edit, delete or post on the Site any information that does not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as delete or post information about any goods and services for sale. The Company reserves the right to modify this Agreement or the prices of goods and services with a notice to the Buyer if it is stipulated in the Service Agreement and may cease to operate or modify any or all sections of the Site in its sole discretion and without prior notice . Modification of this Agreement will be deemed valid after the publication of its new edition on the Site.

6. Right of refusal.
The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cease the sale of goods and the provision of services, and to regulate access to the purchase of any goods or services.

7. Indemnification.
The Buyer agrees to indemnify, defend and maintain the position of the Company and its suppliers, partners and licensors from any liability, damages, claims and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees that may arise in connection with a breach by the Buyer of this Agreement or the use of the Site.

8. Restriction of transfer of rights to another person.
The right of the Buyer to use the Service is his personal right and is not transferable to another person or organization and is governed by the limits and conditions established by the Company.

9. Limitation of liability.
The buyer agrees that under no circumstances will the Company be liable for indirect damages of any kind including but not limited to: damage and losses in business, loss of revenue, loss of reputation, customers, lawsuits, or similar expenses, losses and costs, incurred in connection with the use of goods or services acquired through the Site. The Company’s maximum liability (if it takes place) before the Buyer for any violation in connection with the implementation of this Agreement will be limited to the amount of goods and / or services purchased by the Buyer, in connection with the acquisition of which the Company’s liability has arisen.

10. Other moments.
This Agreement should be considered as published by the Internet shop “Home-Peel”, and should be applied and interpreted in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Any actions of the Buyer relating to its claims must be made within six (6) months after any acquisition made on the Site, otherwise the Buyer is deemed to be such as to renounce his claims to the Company. All actions must be carried out within the limits set forth in Section 9 of this Agreement. The content of this Agreement must be stated and understood in such a way that its meaning is the same for both sides. If any part of this Agreement is found to be incorrect or unenforceable, this part must be brought into line with the law in such a way as to reflect the initial intentions and interests of both parties. The remaining parts must remain in full force and effect. In the event that anything connected with the Site or the Company conflicts or conflicts with this Agreement, this Agreement is a priority. All disputable issues under this Agreement are settled by the parties through negotiations. On all issues not regulated by this Agreement, the parties are guided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

11. Return of goods.
According to the legislation of Ukraine, there is no return of cosmetics from the Buyer.
The exchange of goods is possible if an industrial defect is detected.