Home-Peel Jessner’s Peel pH 3.5, 10ml.



Ingredients: The alcohol, resorcinol, salicylic acid, lactic acid.

Purpose: Actinic giperkreatoz – excessive thickening of the horny layer of the epidermis; hyperpigmentation of the skin; pronounced signs of decay; seborrhea (skin pain associated with an increased sebaceous excretions); acne, acne; fine lines (grid); violation of the microrelief of the skin; senile and solar lentigines (age spots, like large freckles); freckles.


Jessner’s solution is combined peeling, the activity of which is determined by its member of lactic, salicylic acid, and resorcinol Advantages of these components are that any of them do not cause any allergies. Lactic acid has a strong moisturizing, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory action. In addition it is increased the level of production of moisturizing factor, and the process of neocollagenesis starts and lightens of the pockets pigmentation. Salicylic acid produces a rapid sloughing of the epidermal cells (the process of exfoliation ), enhances the action of lactic acid and gives a powerful bacteriostatic effect. Resorcinol, which is part of a chemical peel Jessner, has the property of skin tanning and disinfect it, which allows the use of this component in the treatment of various dermatological diseases.


Individual intolerance to any component of the preparation;


Pregnancy and lactation;

Acute inflammatory lesions (herpes, pyoderma, etc.);

Infectious diseases of the skin (microsporia, trichophytosis);

The injured skin;

Excessive sensitivity of the skin;

High pressure;

Psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases.

Size: 0.34fl.oz / 10ml.


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