Home-Peel Retinol peel 5%, 10ml.



Composition: Alcohol, resorcinol, retinol, water.

Purpose: Normalizes slow metabolism in the skin, helps to stabilize cell membranes and protects them from free radicals, accelerates cell division and cell renewal, formation of protein structures, such as collagen and elastin.


The lack of collagen;

Violation of normal skin moisture;

Presence of facial wrinkles;

The lack of skin elasticity;

Need for skin whitening effect;

The age and photoageing of the skin;





Individual intolerance and allergies to ingredients peeling composition;

Violation of the integrity of the skin;

viral infections;

Inflammation of the skin;

Herpes active phase;

liver disease, including hepatitis transferred;

Pregnancy and lactation.

Prepeeling: Prepeel drugs are used with a low concentration of fruit acids for prepilinga – it is necessary to improve the uniformity of penetration of the active substance at the peeling with retinol and increase the efficiency of the procedure. Prepeel is used for 10-14 days daily before doing the peeling procedure.

Size: 0.34fl.oz / 10ml.


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